Transitioning Cultures of Everyday Food Consumption and Production: Stories from a Post-growth Future

RIHN 15th International Symposium was held on January 13th – 16th, 2021. A total of 23 presentations, including 3 keynote speeches from Dr. Arnim Wiek (Arizona State University), Dr. Giorgos Kallis (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and Dr. Michael Carolan (Colorado State University) were given via Zoom (476 participants, 33 countries/regions in total), and discussions were actively conducted via Slack (305 registered participants, 48 countries/regions in total).

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■Shots from the symposium


    Day 1

  • Day 1 full

  • Keynote Address
    Overcoming the Problem Bias – Researching and Learning Sustainable Food Economy Solutions
    Arnim Wiek
    (Arizona State University, USA)

  • Session 1 Regional and Regenerative Foodsheds

  • Designing the Sustainable Foodshed of Japan: Insights from Ecological
    Footprint Modeling and Local Food System Mapping
    TSUCHIYA Kazuaki
    (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

  • The Bounty of Enough: (De)Constructing the Global Industrial Food Complex through Narratives of Scarcity
    Oliver Taherzadeh

  • Designing Biodiverse and Resilient Farming Systems: Experiences from Latin America
    Clara Ines Nicholls
    (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

  • Our Collective Future: Building Sustainable Agrifood Systems and Resilient Rural Communities. Lessons from the US and Japan
    TANAKA Keiko
    (University of Kentucky, USA)

  • Day 2

  • Day 2 full

  • Keynote Address
    Limits, Degrowth and Environmental Justice
    Giorgos Kallis
    (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain)

  • Session 2 Food Futures, Transdisciplinary Processes, and Politics

  • Using Gaming to Develop Public Capacities for Anticipatory Governance
    Joost Vervoort
    (Utrecht University, Netherlands)

  • Commodity, Commons, Public Good or Human Right. Normative Food Narratives Shape Future Food Transitions
    Jose Luis Vivero Pol
    (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

  • Grappling at Food Policy in Kyoto: Experiences and Future Prospects
    AKITSU Motoki
    (Kyoto University, Japan)

  • Evaluating Futures for Food Systems Change: From Imagination to Transformation
    Astrid Mangnus
    (Utrecht University, Netherlands)

  • Constructing Practice-oriented Participatory Policy for Sustainable Everyday Urban Food Futures in Bangkok
    Kanang Kantamaturapoj
    (Mahidol University, Thailand)

  • Day 3

  • Day 3 full

  • Session 3 Food Alternatives in the Present

  • Reimagining Informal Food Practices: Sustainability Lessons from the European East
    Petr Jehlička
    (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)

  • Consumption and Everyday Life: How Prescriptions Inform Our Understanding of Healthy and Sustainable Food
    Marlyne Sahakian
    (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Legumes' Role Post-COVID-19: Reorienting the Focus of Policy on Legumebased Food and Feed System
    Bálint Balázs
    (Environmental Social Science Research Group, Hungary)

  • Practitioner Roundtable

  • Kyoto Organic Action (KOA): A Cooperative Attempt to Establish an Independent Distribution System for Local Organic Produce
    SUZUKI Kentaro
    (Kyoto Organic Action, Japan)

  • Realizing Gender Justice through Agroecology – Lessons from Women’s Collective Farming Efforts in India
    Ashlesha Khadse
    (Amrita Bhoomi Agroecology Center, India)

  • Climbing Mount Improbable: The Beginnings of a Post-growth Food Narrative in the UK
    Chris Smaje
    (“A Small Farm Future”, England)

  • Day 4

  • Day 4 full

  • Keynote Address
    Food Journeys: Encounters that Engender Empathy across Difference
    Michael Carolan
    (Colorado State University, USA)

  • Session 4 Sufficiency and Cultural Change

  • Willingly Sliding down the Slope: Narratives and Games for a more Sustainable Food Culture
    Ilan Chabay
    (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany)

  • The Cultural Dimensions of Sustainable Agriculture
    Daniel Niles (RIHN)
    and ABE Ken-ichi (RIHN)

  • Subsistence Agriculture in the US: Reconnecting to Work, Nature, and Community
    Ashley Colby
    (Rizoma Field School, Uruguay)

  • Pahom and the Everlasting Plate – Stories as Bearers of Alternative Food Visions
    Rajat Chaudhuri
    (Fiction writer and Activist)