Reception of the Invited Scholar(GRUMBACH, Stéphane)

GRUMBACH, Stéphane
Professor, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (INRIA) / Adjunct Director, Complex System Institute, ENS Lyon, France
Research field:
Digital ecosystems, Automated control of humanity and nature, Power struggles in the anthropocene

Specialist of data, I am interested in the political impact of the digital revolution. I focus in particular on how the digital changes human societies, the mechanisms at stake such as networking and remote interaction, the emerging roles of machines, the power associated to data, and the resulting control revolution. I also consider the relations, in a somehow teleological fashion, of such a rapid transformation with the challenges for human societies of climate change.

The transformation is so profound that the principles of our understanding of the world, such as political frontiers or our relation with nature, become partly obsolete. A paradigm shift is taking place. New concepts are emerging, which offer an integrated view of social, technological and natural spheres, taking into account their intricacy and the complexity of our global environment. The relationship between entities at all levels from the tiniest ones in the biological sphere, to the largest ones in the social or the technological spheres, are based on exchanges of both material elements as well as intangible ones, namely information.

My work focuses on the information which entities exchange. Establishing cartographies of information flows between networks of actors --- people, corporations, States, monitored entities of our natural environment, etc. --- contributes to a better understanding of the structure of our global environment and its laws, including feedback loops and various network phenomena. Moreover, it helps evaluating organizational or political settings, and establishing policies and regulations for renewed interactions between society and nature.

GRUMBACH, Stéphane